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Image by Robert Anasch


Deborah White


Amy is amazing. She is an editing angel who makes your work sparkle. She notices every tiny mistake and big ones too. Amy never seizes to amaze me. She will always be my go-to editor. Thank you, Amy! You are outstanding in your field; an editing star.

Billiejo Priestley


Thank you! Amy was amazing, worked quick and the work was perfect. Will be using again.

Cathy Carlier

Co-Owner of Hamley Books

Very good and very fast work! Accurate and correct.

Aubrey Evans


Amy went above and beyond of what was asked. So much so that I asked her to work on another project straight away

Amelia Baumhart


I gained so much valuable insight into my own work after Amy beta read my first draft. When I had questions, she was happy to answer and explain.

Kay Roberts


Amy is a wonderful editor with a keen eye for detail (especially with my spelling). She is what she does and for a reasonable price.

Troian W Anderson


To Amy for her meticulous work to make this what it has become. Thank you!

Stephen Jackson

Associate Professor at Ontario Tech

Professional, delivered on time, excellent attention to detail.

Daria Stankiewicz 

Found of Lido (fashion)

Great work! Excellent!

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