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The Protagonist

A previously self-published author writing for a new audience wanting to go down the traditional publishing path.

The client needed her manuscript to be at a high standard in order to send to publishers and agents. She had a limited budget and was continuing to rewrite and improve the story so needed someone who could accommodate the changes.

The Experience

We worked out a payment plan to suit her budget and level of editing needed. There was an open channel of communication back and forth about the chapters as well as queries on character and the opening scene. I also looked over her query letter.

I really enjoy working with authors, helping them to attain their writing goals whatever they may be. It is very rewarding.

The Happy Ending

The author ended up self-publishing this particular novel. However, based on its strength, a small publishing house offered her a book deal based on another story proposal she had (which I also helped her with).

The Protagonist

A small press publisher who offers books translated from their original language into English.

The publishers wanted the translated text to sound natural to an English-speaking audience. The book had been translated by computer software, so there were a number of issues with the manuscript. They also had a tight deadline to stick to.

The Experience

Due to the translation software, there were lots of small elements to check, like missing punctuation. There were also idioms from the native language that didn’t translate well into English, so alternatives had to be found. Based on the level of editing, we agreed on a deadline that suited everyone.

It was a lot of work, but I met the deadline with a high quality manuscript.

The Happy Ending

The publishers were able to add another English novel to their collection which they could be confident would flow well and read naturally. We continue to work together on other translated books for their published works.

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